About TBA Foundation

TBA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing the tools that myeloma patients and their families need to cope with the circumstances of this disease. The foundation also performs statistical and social research.

Very little was known about effectively combating myeloma, a rare bone marrow cancer, until the mid-1990s. Today, a complex process leading to prolonged, high quality survival has emerged and is being constantly refined. With a proper understanding of diagnosis – and of the treatment options at various stages of the disease – there is good reason for new patients to be optimistic.

Many in leadership roles from throughout the nation are contributing to an intensive program to provide effective coping skills, leading to its signature concept, “TBA” – their best advice.

In a world of practical limitations the cancers that attack millions receive far more attention than the cancers that attack thousands. Out of a total U.S. annual expenditure of more than $300 billion for treatment and research, very little goes into fighting rare afflictions like myeloma. But when that cancer kills a family member it is not obscure or low priority. In the last two decades, five other highly effective nonprofit foundations have been formed by the advocates of myeloma victims, providing a great deal of help to the medical community. Other host and umbrella cancer groups also serve these patients and their families. This program, an obvious next step, receives universal, enthusiastic endorsement from the medical community and patient support organizations.

TBA Foundation is financed by contributions and directed by a board of physicians, scientists and business persons in the national interest and was founded in Los Angeles by James A. Tamkin, MD and David P. Visel in April 2009.


TBA Objectives

  • Minimize patient fear and pain
  • Clarify the path to available treatment options
  • Teach coping skills to patients and their loved ones
  • Support physicians, nurses, and support staff of myeloma patients
  • Demonstrate the practicality of hope



  • Malin Dollinger, MD, Chair
  • David P. Visel, Executive Director
  • Hilary H. Farris, PhD
  • Doris E. Fisher
  • Cathy L. Hendrickson
  • John Killip, DDS
  • Tina Mattis, CPA
  • Edwin J. Richards, Esq

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